5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi to Calm Your Senses

“To travel is to live.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson

“Far from the humdrum of city life, away from boss’ constant nagging, devoid of corporate stench is a land where our souls will merge to travel to rejuvenate our senses, because OH BOY we SO need a holiday!” This was one long text I received on Friday afternoon from my friend, while I was busy busting my ass off on a presentation. While I did try brushing him away, but let’s face it – we needed a source to unwind our long office hours and create a work-life balance. But at such a short notice with only two days at our disposal, where could we possibly go? Turns out A LOT OF THEM! Here are some of the options around Delhi that amazed us over the time with their tranquility, heritage and not to forget FOOD!



As avid travelers, all of us have heard of Dharamshala and McLeodganj! But on the crest of a hill above McLeodganj lies another Himalayan marvel named Dharamkot. Less crowded and commercialized unlike McLeod, the cute little hippie village is ideal to take time off the bustling streets. Perfect base for multiple hikes such as Triund, Indrahar Pass and Illaqua, this place will certainly live up to your expectations. I was stunned at the sight of cafes in this area, serving lip-smacking lasagnas, pastas, herbal tea and more!

Travel Time – Approx. 8 hours via NH44



There was a time when hills gave me the chills, till I overcame the problem! Reason – uncontrollable motion sickness. Popping pills is certainly not the kind of a thing you’d want for a weekend. This is where places in plains came to my rescue. Bharatpur is yet another marvel super close to capital of the nation, and the bird sanctuary has tons of sights to offer. Kingfishers, hawks and warblers are some of the rare beautiful species that will entice the bird watcher in you. One of the architectural marvels from 18th century Lohagarh Fort is also situated nearby and is worth the visit.

Travel Time – Approx. 4 hours via Yamuna Expressway



An ideal location for trekking and bird watching, Shoghi also is one of the hidden marvels located at a distance of 13km away from Shimla-Ambala highway. Tucked away in the heart of oak and rhododendron trees, the place is no less than a work of enchantment. Plus, you will hit a fortune with local fruit produce including syrup, jam, jellies and juices.

Travel Time- Approx 7 hours via NH5



For those who say Kasauli has nothing to offer should sit back and never call themselves travelers. One of the lush green hill stations of Himachal, Kasauli and Dharampur Hills is just the kind of destination you’d want for a relaxing weekend. The breathtaking view of the mountains, and spots like Manki Point, Christ Church and Gilbert Trail took my heart away! This place is certainly heaven for travelers, not tourists.

Travel Time – Approx. 6 hours via NH44



A historical marvel with its rustic elegance, Dundlod remains hidden in the Jhunjunu district of Rajasthan. Known for its magnificent havelis and forts, the place has a picturesque beauty attached to it. Setting the backdrop of rajas and rajwada, a photoshoot here is worth dying for! Also not to forget the mouthwatering pyaaz ki kachori, daal baati and gatte ki sabzi!

Travel time – Approx. 6 hours via NH334B

This has been my bucket of weekend getaways from Delhi, where I left a part of me. As I pen this down, my heart pounds to go for another trip. Quick – CALENDAR PLEASE?


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