Hum Chalenge ‘BhedChaal’

“From one dog all the dogs bark.” – Marty Rubin

“Rhinoceros”- ever read or heard about this famous play by Eugene Ionesco? The play categorized as Absurdist Drama illustrates how people tend to follow collective and unconscious thoughts without any consent of their own. Though being a comedy, the play brings out the darkness prevailing in our society – the mass metamorphosis, or in simpler terms ‘herd-mentality.’

Pretty often I’ve heard from XYZs that they would want to do a particular thing, without giving any convincing reason behind their “will.” On being questioned, their silence or broken answers tend to sell them off. And mostly, these people are victims of herd mentality – who easily let their will be manipulated by others. Using Hindi liners such as – “Wo yeh kar raha hai, toh main bhi karunga.” “Usne kaha hai toh sahi hi hoga. Maine toh maan li uski baat” is damn common for this particular breed. Without using half of their mind, such people tend to follow the dominance and head ahead with the herd.

This adoption of collective thinking has often landed people in a pickle! And yet Bhedchaal. Sab jidhar chalre hain, hum bhi wahin chalenge. Everyone is doing MBA, working in FMCGs or corporate, earning tons, even we want to. Everyone is applying for UPSC, SSC or Bank PO- even we would do it. In this repetitive existence dominated by common belief, we tend to lose out on our individual thoughts and goals and most importantly our own personality.

Go and explore, there are thousands of engineers, and more than half of them are jobless or are working at irrelevant positions. Yes, I know that a lot many of them are currently stuck in this situation because it was forced on them, but wasn’t that “force” also a result of herd mentality?

Before making those big speeches and promises on combatting evils of society, take a minute out of your life, and just think, are you also a victim of herd-mentality? Look within you, there’s a world that has never been explored. Even you have individual thoughts on a particular matter, all it needs is a firm voice. Even you have your own wishes, own will, own choices. The trap of herd mentality is not where you belong! Be what you are, not what people want you to become. Venture outside your comfort zone, it’s worth it!


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