7 Quotes by Sahir Ludhianvi That Define Life

Born as Abdul Hayee in undivided Punjab 1921, Sahir Ludhianvi was an Indian poet and lyricist who is still remembered for his couplets. He was a favourite of Bollywood maestro Yash Chopra and Mohammad Rafi voiced most of his penned songs. In today's time, some of his quotes resonate with our much younger generation, and... Continue Reading →

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5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi to Calm Your Senses

“To travel is to live.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson “Far from the humdrum of city life, away from boss’ constant nagging, devoid of corporate stench is a land where our souls will merge to travel to rejuvenate our senses, because OH BOY we SO need a holiday!” This was one long text I received on... Continue Reading →

Hum Chalenge ‘BhedChaal’

“From one dog all the dogs bark.” – Marty Rubin “Rhinoceros”- ever read or heard about this famous play by Eugene Ionesco? The play categorized as Absurdist Drama illustrates how people tend to follow collective and unconscious thoughts without any consent of their own. Though being a comedy, the play brings out the darkness prevailing... Continue Reading →

A Cold Night in the City

The city was cold, literally. December. The dry, numbing and chilling air was making its presence felt across the city. At last winters were here. This winter was no different to him. In fact, he was just like the weather. Cold, dry, harsh and numb. So it was not bothering him at all. It was... Continue Reading →

A Page from Her Diary

Dear Me, After 23 years of existence, you have finally found the meaning of your life – that you are important, your views matter and you are no longer a mere subjection to patriarchy. You are a young independent woman who has made her parents proud but most importantly you have had the courage to... Continue Reading →

She Will Soon Embark Upon Her First Journey

She cribbed and howled her lungs out when all she wanted was a breather from her mundane existence, but was tied down - to school, college, family responsibilities and then endless presentations and writing assignments to achieve her targets. Every time she thought that this is it, I am done with acting in the normal... Continue Reading →

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